Why Home Renovation Has Risen Above Home Construction

Building a custom home is something that many people dream of but not all people are in a place where they can build. Since the year 2006, overall home construction has dropped by over 50% in the United States, according to USAFacts. While building a custom home might not be in the cards for everyone, home renovation is often accessible to some and tends to be more popular.

Why Is Home Renovation More Popular Than Starting Fresh?

Home renovation is far more accessible to the masses than buying a new home or constructing a new home. We as a nation have come through a global pandemic that made rates skyrocket, made it harder for people to get the income they needed to move to a new home or to build a new home, and made the price of goods higher as well.

As a result, it’s now more efficient and cheaper to build onto a home, or to renovate your current home, than it would be to build an entirely new home or purchase a new home. It’s more affordable now to take what you have and work to reconfigure it or change it to suit your needs than it is to try building something entirely new.

Is it Time for You to Consider a Home Remodel?

Home renovation, in some ways, is just as efficient as building a new home to spec. The reason for this is that you can use the investments you’ve already made in your home and the overall equity that you possess as the funds to do your remodel without having to move to an entirely new home or trying to raise new funds to build a custom home.

Home builders have the ability to renovate homes and make them something truly special without you needing to spend a fortune to do it and without you needing to move to a new home entirely. You can affordably do things like change the floor plan of a home, add rooms, add recreational spaces, and more.

With the right team and the right builder on your side, you can make the home that you already have into the home that you’ve always wanted and always dreamed of. Contact Miller’s Pro Builders today to get started with your dream home.


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